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About Us

Raymax sells high quality imaging equipment for the medical, chiropractic, and veterinarian practices with over a thousand systems sold in selected territories worldwide. Our service and support is world class. Customers have greatly benefited from our specialization and expertise. We are always improving the quality of our systems and integrating the latest technology. With over a thousand satisfied customers for over 25 years, we are confident that you too will love our products and service. Raymax Medical Corp. is ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 13485-2016 Quality Systems certified and holds a valid Medical Device Establishment Licence.

Here at Raymax, we believe in improving the quality of life for everyone. We sell imaging equipment so that patients can receive excellent care from their physician, chiropractor, or veterinarian. We listen and constantly improve our equipment according to their opinions. So physicians, chiropractors, and veterinarians be assured that many details have been included to make your life easier. Our slogan: “Let Raymax imaging equipment show you what lies beyond…” details that “what lies beyond” is not only the internal images that we help to provide. It is the purpose and end result of such diagnostic equipment. Professionals and their patients can continue to enjoy life and a healthy lifestyle as a result of high quality imaging equipment.

Besides the standard product line, Raymax also has manufacturing and fabrication capabilities to customize equipment according to your needs and specifications. Please contact us for more information.


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