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CCD Detector (DIRA)

The Raymax CCD Digital Radiography (DR) detector is the perfect solution for a wide range of DR applications. The Raymax DR units can be integrated into any Raymax X-Ray system and can also retrofit into most other existing and/or new X-Ray equipment types.


Detector Type:

16 Mega Pixel KODAK Extreme KAF Series CCD Detector Chip.

Optical Specification:

Exclusive Leading Edge Optical Array with Breakthrough Light Transfer and Distortion Elimination Capability Using NO Mirrors.


4096 x 4096 pixels Overall Imaging Resolution. Minimum 4.6 Line Pair per mm Resolution.

Acquisition Time:

Apporximately 3 to 5 Seconds From Exposure to Displayed Image.

Recycle Time:

Zero Time Lag Between Subsequent Image Acquisitions.

Scintillation Screen:

Scintillation Screen (Cesium Iodide)

Active Image Area:

43 x 43 cm Active Area.

DICOM Format:

Full DICOM 3.0 “Push/Pull” Connectivity to HIS/RIS and Practice Management Systems. Easy to Burn CD with on Board Auto Launching Mini Viewer

Unique / Exclusive Features:

CCDDRVET-7Highly Advanced and Exclusive “Dark Current” Compensation Algorithm

Complex and Effective Anatomical Filter Sets (Libraries)

Compact Design for More Efficient Integration with Mechanical Assemblies

Such as “U” Arms, Tables, Chest (Wall) Stands, etc.

Elimination of All Moving Parts; There are NO Fans, NO Cooling Pumps, and NO Chips

Workstation Specifications:

CCDDRVET-5Leading edge Intel CPU min.

4 GB High Speed RAM min.

1 TB Hard Disk Drive @ 7200 RPM min.

Indepenent PCI Video Graphics Card (1 GB) min and Dedicated Image

Processing Electronics.

DVD/CD Drive @ 16 RW with Burner.

Windows 7 Operating System.

Monitor Specifications:

CCDDRVET-62 MB High Contrast 1920 x 1080.

Minimum 21.5 inch.

Touch Screen (Optional)