20 Strathearn Avenue Unit #3
Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6T 4P7

Standard Model

Advanced Veterinary X-ray System

apr_vet_mountUnique “free standing” design

Variable horizontal & vertical tube travel

90/90 tube angulation with indicator

Vertical & horizontal tube stand movement controlled by electric locks

Moveable grid cabinet with tube stand interlock

103 line, 8:1 ratio grid

Certified manual collimator

X-ray Tube:





Toshiba heavy duty rotating anode

Focal spot: 1.0mm & 2.0mm, 140,000 HU capacity






Radiation shields

Fractional focus x-ray tubes

Extended horizontal off-table positioning available

Sturdy Foot Pedal:

pedalHeavy duty 2 stage preparation and exposure switch.

Plated steel cassette tray with automatic centering lock;

Sealed “easy clean-up” 28” x 56” table top.

HT cables:

Two 10 ft. high tension cables


generatorKV Range: 1 KV steps 40-125 KVP

MA Range: 60, 120, 240, 300

Timer Range: Digital, 1/120 to 2 seconds

MAS; KV: Digital Display

Power Requirements: 220 volts, 100 amp single phase line.